Character Development

Experience Awards

  • Participation | 1xp
    Every character who is involved in the session and in advancing the story will receive this award.
    • Clarification
      This award is automatic for any character involved at the table during a session, except if the character obstinately seeks to avoid being involved in the story.
  • Danger | 1xp
    Any session where a character is involved in a dangerous story-advancing situation the character receives this award.
    • Clarification
      This award only applies once per session, and only to combat that advances story in some fashion.
  • Advancing Story | 1xp
    Any session wherein the characters actively involve themselves in the Chronicle and discover clues to the meta-plot or include other characters in their personal stories the player receives this award.
    • Clarification
      This award only applies if more than one character is involved in the advancement, whether they are clued in to the whole story or not. Players going solo to solve or accomplish things do not receive this award.
  • Roleplaying Award | 1xp
    Players, at the end of the session, will be called upon to place a vote for who they felt made the table or the game memorable for the evening, either by portraying their character spectacularly or by guiding events through interactions.
    • Clarification
      Each vote will be tallied in a special file, and the award will be received as 1xp every 5 votes acquired.

End of Semester

  • Program Major | Multiple xp
    At the end of the semester, the characters will perform a roll for their program major. This roll varies based on if the major is physical (Sta + Academics), intellectual (Int + Academics), or artistic (Com + Academics). Each success is one exp. towards a Merit or Skill directly applicable to the character’s major.
    • Clarification
      Characters with a dual major will roll the highest die pool, but split the xp between the majors 75/25 based on the roll that they make.

Character Development

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