Artifice and Ash

Call me Ishmael
No? Alright, we'll think of something else later.

I will be quick as things just got entertaining and I’d like to focus more on them.

Terry left. Turns out, Terry left to go have a shootout with the cops and put three of them in the hospital. His face, his car, his everything that could identify him is plastered all over the news and no one is even remotely on his side(more on that).

Alex and Z are vampires now. Alex ordered and escort for them to get their noms on, but apparently Alex fucked up, so in I step to play Super Gross-out with their security guy until he doesn’t want to go in the room to check on the girl Alex is with. She came out looking like Alex just played boogeyman with her butthole and they leave without question.

The info showed up and Alex and Z pretty much have this bank job planned out.

The Plot Thickens...
Like congealed blood.

While I’m running around the house in a towel, there’s a knock at the door… Abby answers it to find two scantily clad women and a body guard. Who the fuck did Alex call to get escorts rather than plain simple hookers. I don’t need sex, I need food… Well, at least this way they won’t be drug laced… Alex and I take the women into two separate rooms. I feed a bit, enough to feel better. Apparently the act is quite orgasmic for her… She leaves the room nearly completely wrecked, and I didn’t to anything besides feed. That can be useful…


Alex got a couple of girls to come over so he and Z could eat.. I didn’t know that prostitutes came with security guards. I did my best to distract him while the guys did what they needed to do. Z and his girl were only gone a couple minutes. She looked like she had just had the best sex ever. Damn, that was fast. Something must have changed between last night and tonight. I am guessing it has to do with the whole vampire thing. A little bit after that we hear a noise from the room Alex is in with his “meal”. AJ intercepts the security guy and somehow manages to keep him from going in the room. I can smell fear coming from the room. A few minutes later she comes out. She doesn’t look so good.. Crap. I bet he drank too much from her. Hopefully she doesn’t die.

Officer Down!
...Rather Officer Un-Down...

Abby and I get back to my place after Ajay makes a scene at the hospital about how he wants us gone; I put on real clothing, get my shit and head back out to rescue Terry and Alex. Abby and I ride to the warehouse district in silence, I don’t even have the radio on as it might be too much of a distraction with my current level of exhaustion. At the warehouse I’m too tired to give a fuck and I just lay on the horn of the car rather than getting out to search for these assholes. It works as I see a hand stick out from one of the buildings waving our direction. I pull over to that area…

You spin me right 'round
baby right 'round

ahem It appears to me that I have, to put it scientifically, completely lost my shit. I suffered an overdose, broke out of a hospital, and spent the better part of two hours talking to a new imaginary friend named ‘The Slender Man’ whilst walking to the river to solve problems for dead people. Which I am one of, apparently. Yes, I am now, according to scientific terminology, a fucking zombie. Walking dead. And I see dead people. So, I’m an M. Night Shamalyan zombie. What a twist.

AJ is not dead again...

Once Z got dressed and grabbed his important stuff we went to the warehouse and picked up Alex and Terry. I started asking what had happened. Alex seems to have suffered somewhat of a mental break. If his story is true I suppose you can’t blame him. I would probably be freaked out too if someone I know suddenly turned into a werewolf in front of me.

Pawning the Pawns
Rook to A6

Journal Entry 3
A Journal, me keeping a fucking journal, what has this world come to? Gotta keep the shit of the last few days strait while piecing together the events of the preceding week. I can’t think of a better way to do this… So here goes…

A Hell of a Morning (Or: A HOWL of a Morning)

At least I had the presence of mind to hang on to some of our stuff. All the way to East Providence? The mark on his shoulder, did I… Carry? Did I carry Alex all that way? I feel… Tired. Like I just had the biggest workout of my life. I keep getting flashes of HINTS of memories, like the scent changing from asphalt to concrete to water and back again. Ground against my feet, fast wind… Strongest thing was the feeling of wanting to get away, grab Alex and AJ and get away from that… THING.

Please leave a message after the beep... BEEP

Alan Jackson Garrett is not available at the moment. If you would like to leave a message, please wait until after the tone. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please shut the fuck up and die in righteous hellfire. To skip the following menu options and go directly to the tone, press 1. To reconnect with reality, press 2. To reach the funny little voice that may or may not be Satan whispering in your ear, press 3. To stop trying to make sense of things and just go with it until you get a moment to finally shoot yourself in your cocksucking mouth like you’ve been trying to avoid thinking of doing for the last five years, press 4. To remember Alex mentioning that his gun is still in his room, press 5. To decide to go get Alex’s gun and shoot yourself in your cocksucking mouth once you are done doing what the funny little voice that may or may not be Satan tells you to do, press 6. To find a window that fucking breaks when you try to break it, please hang up and try your call again.

Thank you.


Stranger and stranger...

Alex finally wakes up and I let him know that AJ insisted on going back to my former residence. Neither of us really wants to go back in the house. We decide to go to the gun range and shoot. I figure it would be a good way to relax after what has happened. Alex gets a call from Z while we are there. Turns out that he and Terry are going to come meet up with us. Once we are all ready to leave we head out to go to Z’s place. On the way we are given a package with envelopes for all of us. Not sure how anyone could know we were there since it was a spur of the moment decision to go.. At Z’s Alex and I explain what happened at my house. No way in hell I am going back there.


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