Character Death and New Characters

Character Identity

Character identity is integral to the development of a story of any depth. Each character provides a different starting point for story threads, and each character’s background gives additional information that can help deepen the experience for everyone. In addition, maintaining a cohesive and coherent group centered on the story of a several people is easier and more fulfilling for all involved if that group is somewhat solid in its members throughout the story, except where change becomes absolutely necessary.

As is the case in Character Death.

Character Death

In the framework of a horror story, character death is meant to serve as a dramatic event; something to drive home the threat underlying the scenario. As such, and in order to maintain this drive, each character’s death will be worked into the narrative.

However, there will be no punches pulled when it comes to survivability and a character’s chances. No character is so integral to this story that their death is unimaginable, and any player who will leave the table over the death of their character should take a moment and a breath to calm down. I don’t believe we have anyone so brazenly self-involved in our group, but I felt this needed to be said.

Changing Characters

As stated in the first section, a constant and semi-concrete group adds to the depth of play and moreso allows for players to form opinions of their companions and more easily find and maintain their own character’s voice. Unless a point is reached where the character cannot continue for reasons of story or events then the discussion character change will be broached, but for the most part each player will be expected to play the character made at the onset.

That said, should a character become insufferable or simply too ludicrous to be continued by the player, that character’s death becomes an option that may be discussed.

Introducing New Characters

As a deterrent to rotating characters, Exp will not carry from one character to the next, nor will newly introduced characters be given anything more than was on the table at character creation. The only difference being post-Awakening: once all of the group has Awakened, new characters are encouraged to begin as Templated characters.

For new characters, it is strongly encouraged that the player pursue connections to other players, as well as for those players to agree to reasonable connections, in order to more easily bring the new character into the game.

As an insentive to this, the xp award for knowing a new character will remain for both new and recurring character.

Character Death and New Characters

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