Artifice and Ash

Stranger and stranger...

Alex finally wakes up and I let him know that AJ insisted on going back to my former residence. Neither of us really wants to go back in the house. We decide to go to the gun range and shoot. I figure it would be a good way to relax after what has happened. Alex gets a call from Z while we are there. Turns out that he and Terry are going to come meet up with us. Once we are all ready to leave we head out to go to Z’s place. On the way we are given a package with envelopes for all of us. Not sure how anyone could know we were there since it was a spur of the moment decision to go.. At Z’s Alex and I explain what happened at my house. No way in hell I am going back there.

Luckily Z is willing to let me crash at his place. AJ shows up out of the blue covered in blood and naked.I know one of those is not an uncommon state for him.. He gets blood all over the carpet and next thing I know is Z is tearing it all up and getting it out of the house. I guess he is extra paranoid about evidence, not that I blame him. Who knows who that blood is from..

We figure out that Alex and AJ need to go get clothes for the club tonight. OMG I know that AJ can be flamboyant but damn… Alex however looks pretty damn good in that suit. I luck out because Z happens to have a bunch of clothes that will fit me. It saves me from having to go shop for something appropriate to wear to the club.

The club is hedonism personified. We find out we are there to meet some guy who is going by the name Otto. He explains to us that we are pawns in some game we know nothing about and offers us a chance to stop being pawns. Of course with all the crap we have been dealing with we all end up agreeing. I am not sure how we will pull it off but we have to get a playing card into some guys bank vault. I am sure it will be “a piece of cake”… NOT.. After everyone else has left the room I ask him if the weird crap is going to keep happening. Guess what the answer was? Yeah… sigh

The rest of the evening is fun. I dance with some hot guys. Z and I chatted with the owner of the club. I have to say.. that was pretty awesome. When we get out of there AJ and Terry decide to stay at the house. Yeah, that house. I think they are crazy but at least they will be there to watch each others back. Well Terry can watch AJ’s back anyway. Z and I head back to his place and I think about how I woke up the previous morning. I REALLY don’t want to be alone… Z, big surprise, lets me share his bed. He can definitely put those muscles to good use…

After not enough sleep we get woken up by AJ banging on the door. He tells us Terry is the Hulk and Alex is dead then proceeds to pass out on the floor. I start trying to find out if any bodies have been found since Alex isn’t answering his phone. There was one.. Sounds like it might be who AJ was throwing up and washing off himself yesterday. I realize how hungry I am and go looking for something to eat. I find something and was heading back to the bedroom when I stop to look at AJ. It looks so uncomfortable on the floor. After a moment I realize he isn’t breathing. Crap! I shout for Z. He carries AJ to the car and we take off towards the hospital. I don’t really know CPR but I am trying to get him breathing again.

All of a sudden AJ wakes up. I guess I must have figured it out.. He is freaking out and wont calm down so I climb into the front with Z. I am so hungry at this point I feel like I could literally eat a horse. I beeline for the cafeteria when we get to the hospital and just about eat the equivalent of a horse. I cant believe I fit that much food in me. Once I am sated I find Z and AJ. There is a nurse leaving the room looking very confused. AJ starts freaking out some more and eventually tells us to leave. Whatever.. at least he is in the care of medical professionals.

I find out that Alex isn’t really dead. Thank goodness. Terry called and they are in some abandoned warehouse across town. Z agrees to go pick them up after he goes back by the house to get the rest of the way dressed and get his badge and gun. Wow.. crazy ass couple of days so far..



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