Artifice and Ash

Shit Hitting the Fan (in Slow Motion)

So I still haven’t gotten a nights sleep since waking up in the damnable farmhouse, simply to many things yet to sort out. Got my bite taken care of at the hospital, docs did a good job as usual. Had them go ahead an release me, no reason to stick around. Went out to the waiting room to check on Ajay and Alex. It seems Ajay isn’t coping so well with the events, can’t say I blame him. Alex is talking to that Terry kid (I think he’s the nephew of that asshole of an officer, Thomas Janson). Terry doesn’t look so hot, but he obviously doesn’t want to have the staff look at his wounds.

After a short discussion, Terry wants to be taken somewhere that won’t ask any questions. I know old Zeke will take care of it, but I’ll owe him for it, which means Terry’s gonna owe me even more. I take Terry in his jeep, Alex decides to ride along, to the morgue Zeke works out of. Damn Terry is about to pass out, hopefully he’ll be out by the time we get there. No such luck…

I’m not paying for the anesthetic as Zeke charges way to much for that, something to do with it not being as much fun for him or some shit (damn sick fuck), but what can you do when you need medical treatment on the down low; he does provide plenty of alcohol though. Anyway… Terry drinks pretty much the full bottle (hope its not on an empty stomach), and gets stitched up. Happily he doesn’t cry to much about it.

On the way to take Terry home, I call for a cab, and catch something (someone) run across the street, naked. Turns out it is Abby, we stop and pick her up, hard to take my eyes off that chassis, but gotta drive. I detour to where I found my car parked a few hours earlier, it has her clothes in the trunk, still need to figure out what this is all about. Gotta call my uncle when I get a chance. Abby is telling a tale, not unlike the one Ajay, Alex, Terry and I went through.

Goddamn Terry, get fucking sick in the back, Alex goes to check on him and gets coated in half digested alcohol. The smell forces me to roll the windows down and push down the front window, thank god for jeeps and it isn’t mine so I don’t have to clean up the mess, hurray for small miracles. Get to my car, get Abby’s clothes and take my car back to the hospital to drop off Abby and Alex.

I call my uncle and he wants to meet, as there’s some serious shit that went down involving my service weapon, what appears to be me and the others that are suffering from strange drug induced episodes. When I meet my uncle he give me the run down of what he’s trying to cover. Seems myself and the others, presumable, from the builds of the individuals on the tapes, went into an FBI drug sting and killed a bunch of dealers and agents, but didn’t take any of the drugs or money… That’s fucking crazy and this is where my weapon was used. Uncle says he’s got it covered as long as no one digs. I already see the problem… Terry and his asshole uncle, need to get ballistics from Terry’s gun, so I head over to his place and stake him out…

God I’m tired…



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