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Journal Entry 3
A Journal, me keeping a fucking journal, what has this world come to? Gotta keep the shit of the last few days strait while piecing together the events of the preceding week. I can’t think of a better way to do this… So here goes…

I’m doing everything I can to take all of this shit in stride. I’ll admit though, that is getting much harder to do. I’ve never cared about most people in my life; use them, fuck them, but in the end throw them away… I don’t know why, I simply can’t figure it out but these assholes are getting me to do shit that I would never normally do. I like Alex, he’s great for moving shit I need moved or getting shit I need. AJ is well AJ… enough said, he has his uses as well. I don’t or didn’t really know Abby all that well before yesterday, I can see a good reason for keeping her around, she came on really strong last night playing the helpless, lost little girl who was afraid to be alone. She crawls into my bed and well, like I said… fuck them! Then there’s Terry, that little whinny shit couldn’t survive two minutes without someone holding his hand. This shit is fucking with my head…

So the Events of the day so far are:

I fall asleep in my car down the street from Terry’s place. I wake up late in the morning to him trying to clean his Jeep of his own regurgitation. He obviously spots me… fuck I’m just waking up from five hours of sleeping in an uncomfortable position in my car… of course he spots me, I’m not being inconspicuous. Glad it’s not his uncle. I tell him to get into the car and I head off to meet with Alex and Abby at Dave’s Wholesale Guns for some shooting practice.

As were leaving the gun shop, the guy behind the counter hands me a package with all of our names on it. How the fuck… It’s invitations to the Noir. Never been in there, but heard it’s quite the place and scene.

We all head back to my place. We have our talk about the weird shit… I don’t particularly care… The weird shit is weird, granted but I’ve got to get my life back together, such that it was and this isn’t really helping me any… Everyone is concerned that AJ hasn’t been heard from for a while, I get ready to leave for Abby’s to find him, when he falls through my door as I open it. He’s covered from head to toe in blood and is naked… Fan’Fuck’n’Tastic… He gets who knows who’s blood all over my carpet. That won’t clean. I rip up the carpet with the help of the others, get AJ some clothes… All the while he’s bitching about no privacy… It’s my GODDAMN house! Terry’s being a good little wife and watching over him.

We piss around for a while cleaning up after AJ, that dumb shit… Have to move the care he came in around back… Think I might start my own garage, got enough vehicles building up all of a sudden. And then we head over to the Noir for god knows what.

Funniest shit… Everyone’s packing, but they have to leave their weapons at the door except me, when I flash my badge. Terry is immediately trying to find out what I’m carrying. I tell him his .45 ammo is of no use to me. He doesn’t take that very well. Guess I can’t blame him, he’s paranoid from the last few days; can’t say I don’t share the feeling, though I’ll never let him know it. The mayor and his wife are here along with the Chief of Police; wish I could take some video, but I’m not ready to be kicked out just yet… Still have no clue what’s going on…

Some asshat going by Otto informs us he is our benefactor for the night and that for us to understand what’s going on with us we have to “prove” we are willing to risk ourselves for him. Narcissistic son-of-a-bitch… Well, I don’t know what’s best here, but I want FUCKING ANSWERS!
He wants us to not-rob a money laundering boiler room fuck and place a card in the vault. Simply fantastic. He’s got a plan for Tuesday… Three goddamn days. Fuck… A bank break-in in three days, no time to really plan this… Will probably have to go with his plan, though I really don’t like it. Got Alex working on getting some drugs, gotta get the blood in that car AJ arrived in tested, quietly. If it all works out, I can bust the armored car guys and replace them with ourselves. Best shot at this in such a short time frame. I seriously hope this shit doesn’t blow up or blow back… That’ll simply make for a fantastic end…

Alex decides to take some chick home, while Terry continues to be a good wife and take care of AJ. And for Abby and I well, I already covered that. Early in the morning, I am awakened to banging on the door… FUCK!!! Can’t get any fucking real sleep around here anymore… GODDAMNIT!
It turns out to just be AJ, who is as usually completely fucking insane. Going on about how Terry is the hulk and Alex is dead… Another god damn bad trip for him apparently, he passes out on the floor. Turns out he didn’t so much pass out as have a cardiac arrest, Grab him and rush him to the hospital yet again. Abby is trying to help him in the back, while I rush for the hospital… He comes out of it and is absolutely freaking out. I’m still gonna get him to the hospital, I have no idea if he’s gonna stay ok.

Once at the hospital, the nurses have trouble getting his blood drawn and he simply looses it telling us to just leave, well FUCK YOU TOO!! No that’s a phenomenally bad idea. I’m just to tired care. On the way back to my place, Abby gets a frantic, go figure, call from Terry… And that’s where we are… Gonna go get my shit together and rescue the fuck and Alex as well apparently.


I enjoy seeing my character through another character’s perspective. Maybe I should try doing more than just reciting events as well.

Pawning the Pawns

I’m simply reciting events myself, but the events are from the perspective of my character, not the events that take place at the table.

Pawning the Pawns

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