Artifice and Ash


Alex got a couple of girls to come over so he and Z could eat.. I didn’t know that prostitutes came with security guards. I did my best to distract him while the guys did what they needed to do. Z and his girl were only gone a couple minutes. She looked like she had just had the best sex ever. Damn, that was fast. Something must have changed between last night and tonight. I am guessing it has to do with the whole vampire thing. A little bit after that we hear a noise from the room Alex is in with his “meal”. AJ intercepts the security guy and somehow manages to keep him from going in the room. I can smell fear coming from the room. A few minutes later she comes out. She doesn’t look so good.. Crap. I bet he drank too much from her. Hopefully she doesn’t die.

Things are a bit disjointed the rest of the night. So many things happened I don’t remember what order they happened in.

A pizza guy brings a huge stack of pizzas. All meat.. YUM. No one else wants any so I dig in. They don’t seem to be making a dent in my gnawing hunger. I do manage to realize something is off with the pizzas. One of the boxes is missing a pizza but has the data that Otto was suppose to get to us by 5pm. About damn time! I pass it off to Z and start eating again. Damn it, why cant I satisfy this hunger?? We start working on a plan for the bank job we need to pull. After we get some plans hashed out Z leaves to go do something. Alex makes some calls to arrange a shipping container we need for the plan.

On a hunch I pull one of the steaks I just bought out of the fridge and heat it long enough to warm it up. Ahh, much better. For some god forsaken reason AJ and Alex start singing Lion King songs. Seriously?? I head out to the back yard to try to enjoy my steak in piece. The bastards follow me and start singing another song. I grab a couple pine cones and I know I peg one of them with one. Not sure who I hit and don’t really care. At least they stop singing.

Alex comes back out telling me shits getting worse. Apparently Terry is now wanted by the cops for what happened with Frank and his Uncle. They have a APB out on his jeep. That is not good. Z is going to be pissed if he leads the cops back here. Not that I am keen on that idea either.

I keep pacing the living room and next thing I know AJ and Alex get all tense and then AJ is talking to me like he is trying to calm me down. WTF? I’m fine. Well until I realize my perspective on the room is not right. I look down and the floor is way too close.. and I have PAWS! I run to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I am a freaking CAT. I thought I was turning into a werewolf like Terry. A tiny voice in the back of my head is thanking god that I am not going to be like him. I don’t want to be dealing with anger all the time.

I touch the mirror with my hand, I mean paws. Yeah, it is definitely me.. AJ followed me and is petting my back trying to calm me down. I feel fine.. I know I heard Z come in and Alex is telling him to go look in the bathroom. AJ tries to slam the door but I am NOT going to be trapped in a little room! I manage to get the door open and jump into the hall. Z has his gun out pointed this way. When he sees me he backs up. I can’t believe he would be afraid of me. He is too much of a bad ass. I look at my paw and hold it up at him. Being not able to speak is very frustrating! I hear Alex tell him that it’s me. There is some more talking AJ is in my face talking to me trying to calm me down. I AM CALM! A little too calm if you ask me. Z finally puts his gun away and I have the urge to literally bounce off the walls.

Um, so I guess I don’t know my own strength? Weight? Whatever it is I don’t bounce off the wall. I bounce through it. Crap! I poke my head out and try to express how sorry I am. Not sure how well it works since I am not used to being a cat. After a moment of speechlessness Z goes back to talking to AJ. I slink slowly over to Z and sit next to him still trying to look sorry. He says something about needing to remodel anyway. Relieved I relax and lean up against his leg. There is that speechless thing again.. After a moment I walk over and lay on the floor and rest my chin on Alex’s foot. After a few moments I realize something doesn’t feel the same. Great.. Now I am sitting buck ass naked at Alex’s feet. Oh well, not like they haven’t all seen it before.

I listen to Z and AJ talk for a couple more minutes and then head to Z’s bedroom to get dressed. Damn. My clothes are a bit tight. I dig through Z’s closet and find something more comfortable to wear. After I rejoin the guys we start discussing what to do about Terry. He is a danger to us all at this point because I don’t think any of us want the wrath of the police pointed in our direction. Z calls his uncle and turns out the MIB’s or something like that are the ones pressuring him. He mentions that some gang has two of our names and something about a video. I wonder what video he is talking about but don’t want to interrupt the conversation. By the time Z is done talking to him I forget to ask.

At some point I get a wild hair and go to the bedroom and see if I can change on purpose. It is hard, but I manage it. Sweet! This will be a lot more useful if I can do it when I need to, not just when my body/mind freaks out. I get dressed and go back out to the guys. I cant remember what they are talking about. I think having to deal with Terry and I am worried about him wolfing out on us. I mention that I can change on purpose. I get funny looks from Z so I go back in the other room and change to the really odd scary cat person one and go back in and show them. If Terry gets out of control I can maybe be more helpful if I switch forms since I feel a lot stronger.

AJ is coming up with some elaborate plan to fake Terry’s death when we notice what the news is talking about. Crap. I don’t know if faking his death will do any good now. He has gone over the line too far. We discuss the situation a bit more and I notice an odd humming sound. That weird tablet that Terry brought from his house is the source. I pull it out of the bag and it is vibrating. All of a sudden the words on it start glowing red. I tell the guys I think it might explode and take it out in the back yard. The guys follow me. AJ suddenly disappears for a moment and then he puts a piece of cloth over the stone. It starts generating a song that really freaks out the guys. A moment later the stone makes an odd noise and the cloth settles to the ground. The stone is gone! I go back to the living room to check the bag. It isn’t there. Uh oh…

After we all head back inside AJ is trying to figure out what the fabric says. He gathers enough to figure out it is a ritual that the stone is performing on it’s own. Add one more thing to the creepy list. Z wants to know what it says so he and AJ take off to go try to find out from some “source” that AJ now has access to. Z tasks Alex and I with gathering intel on the guys we need to take care of before the heist. I keep an eye out for Terry the whole time we are out but don’t see him. About an hour before sunrise we all meet back up at Z’s place. Turns out that ritual.. It is to bind werewolves in their human form.. Since it is linked to 72 plus deaths it makes me wonder if ALL of them were werewolves, or at least believed to be. Sounds like a witch hunt situation to me…



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