Artifice and Ash

AJ is not dead again...

Once Z got dressed and grabbed his important stuff we went to the warehouse and picked up Alex and Terry. I started asking what had happened. Alex seems to have suffered somewhat of a mental break. If his story is true I suppose you can’t blame him. I would probably be freaked out too if someone I know suddenly turned into a werewolf in front of me.

Terry seems to be a bit more overwhelmed than usual. We all go back to Z’s and Alex decides to take off to try to find AJ and his phone. Hopefully whatever is going on with my house hasn’t spread to his. Terry asks if there have been any shootings lately.. Are you kidding me? How many days ever go by with no shootings? I check the web and find one that seems to concern him. There was some guy shot in Blackstone park. He goes on to tell me, with my prodding, that he thinks he might have shot him. He had lost a few hours and “woke up” to find blood on his gun and his jacket. I try to get him to figure out how he is going to handle this. If he did shoot that guy and he has the gun on him it makes him more suspect. Next thing we know Z shouts from his room that Terry is fucked.

It turns out that Z knows a lot more about what Terry has been doing than he has let on. He says he has a video of Terry shooting the guy. The confusion is actually kind of hilarious. Terry can’t figure out how Z has a video of him. Hello?!? He’s a cop.. Not sure why Z would have been following Terry in the first place though. Apparently someone Z told about the video is pressuring him to get rid of it. He asks me to go get him a laptop at a pawn shop. Probably going to cover his ass. Good idea.

Thank god for technology. I was having a hell of a time finding a pawn shop. Finally I find one and get the laptop. I am getting ready to get on my bike when a message comes through. It’s AJ. He talks for a minute. I can tell he is in Z’s garage since I was there when he put that awesome car in there. Holy crap AJ just shot himself in the freaking head. I get on my bike and head quickly back to Z’s.

Z is outside the garage and confirms that it isn’t a joke. Crap. I go back in the house with him and find some mind numbing game to play on my computer. Z heads out with the laptop without saying anything. A bit after that Terry leaves. Lucky for me I am still too in shock about AJ to realize I am all alone.
Alex calls from some hotel and I try to get him to come back to Z’s. I really don’t want to tell him about AJ over the phone. I don’t really have a choice though. He is still a bit off from all that has been going on so I just blurt it out. After giving him a little more detail he says he is going to sleep. I guess I can’t blame him. I just hope he is ok being in a strange room alone somewhere.

Eventually I zonk out. I have strange dreams about being a dog or something and running around. Must be because of finding out Terry is a werewolf. I wake up to here shuffling sounds. Walking through the house I don’t find anything. Guess what? The carpet that Z rolled AJ up in is moving. Damn. I can hear muffled singing through the carpet but that doesn’t mean it is safe. Arrow ready to fly I shove the carpet in the direction it needs to go to unroll with my foot. Holy crap! AJ is alive.. Again. He doesn’t have a hole in his head either. He is trying to convince me he is a zombie but everyone knows that zombies don’t talk coherently. Now that I am thinking back on it they also don’t HEAL.

AJ seems to be in a super mood and he starts making food. I try to call Alex to let him know about AJ but the asshole at the front desk of the hotel gets all uppity about ONE swear word. I ask him to give Alex a message to call and he tells me they are having trouble rousting him. I am trying to convince the jackass that Alex may be hurt and he hangs up on me. Fucker. I punch the wall of the house and manage to crack the siding. Damn it!

Damn I am pissed off. Then the smell of the food AJ is cooking hits me. I feel like I did when we were going to the hospital this morning with AJ. He is cooking so slow! He does crap to make me hit him a couple times. I don’t remember why at this point I was took hungry to care. I grab a raw steak and start gnawing. This should be disgusting but it isn’t.. I am still working on eating my steak when I hear a van pull up. Wondering if it is Otto finally getting us the info I peek out. There are two body shaped objects dumped out of the van and onto the lawn.

Turns out it is Z and Alex.. They are awfully light and cold. Man I hope they are not dead too. Z is covered in blood so I carry him into the bathroom and put him in the tub so blood doesn’t get all over. Alex appears cleaner so I put him on the couch. I poke him in the side to try to see if he is alive. Apparently he is because he starts bitching about me kicking him. I poked him with ONE finger and not that hard. Geez. I leave him there and go check to see if Z will wake up if I poke him too. I poke him in the side extra soft. He wakes up too. AJ the food fairy brings Z a tray of food. I can hear Alex in the living room vomiting. Gross. Z doesn’t want his food so I take it away and start eating it.

I realize my clothes are feeling awfully tight. Looking at myself in the mirror after stripping. I am taller and hairier than I should be. Damn. Terry was never anywhere close enough to infect me. Maybe something happened when I was out cold in that shed or whatever it was I woke up in. I guess being a werewolf is better than being a zombie. At least it will give me a better fighting chance if zombies do show up. While I am looking in the mirror I seem to shrink back to my normal size. I put on clothes that will stretch so if I start growing again it wont be as uncomfortable.

I find Z in the bathroom after he gets done with his shower. He says that the only thing that sounds good to eat is me. I don’t think he means in the sexual way either. That’s a shame. Anyway, process of elimination it looks like he needs blood. The coldness makes more sense now.. I go grab a knife and glass in the kitchen and cut my hand and fill the glass with blood. After wrapping my hand I take him the blood which he downs quickly. I figure I better properly bandage my hand. I go to take care of it and there is no cut. What the fuck?? I repeat the cutting and glass filling process and watch my hand heal right in front of my eyes. Oh right.. werewolf.. I give this glass to Alex.

I am trying to figure out how to get them more food. Terry shows up and turns out his afternoon hasn’t been too great either. He seems to think his Uncle is going to try to kill us all. How would his Uncle even know about some of us? I haven’t ever even seen him before yesterday.. With how often I am getting hungry I decide to head to the store and pick up more protein. I get jerky and other dried meat in addition to more red meat to take back to Z’s.

So.. two werewolves, two vampires and an guy who made a deal with the devil walk into a bar…


… and say OW!!!

AJ is not dead again...

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